DMA is the leading and first of its kind award recognition platform celebrating the very best of digital marketing and technology advancement in Kenya redefining the boundaries of creativity, innovation and outcomes.

General Guidelines

1. Digital Media Awards is open to all corporates and individuals with a presence on the digital space in Kenya.

2. Digital Media Awards nominees must have executed their activities in the period between January 2019- December 2019

3. All nominated activities must been executed on the digital space.

4. Digital Media Awards nominees can self nominate themselves or be nominated.

5. Nominations are open  as from 12 August 2020  and can be done by anyone from the general public.

6. Digital Media Awards nominees will be judged by a panel of jurors who will make final decision of the honourees.

Why Enter

1. Promote your success among peers and to your clients
Winning  Digital  Media Awards improve your brand awareness and promotes your business to potential clients.

2. Gain invaluable industry recognition
Digital Media Awards set you apart from the competition and delivers a positive message to your client base.

3. Increase your professional credibility
Digital Media Awards win can be seen as  a  third-party endorsement of your business.

4. Professional Development
The application process can often help you to view your business from a new perspective, especially as you match up with competing entries.

5. Attract new talent
Digital Media Awards can attract new recruits to your business. Awards also help internally, raising team morale and energy.

6. Industry Leadership
Digital Media Awards can give your business a credibility boost. For example, being recognized for unique concepts or best design practices can give you additional standing in your industry.

DMA Mechanics

Digital Media Awards has 22 awards in 6 categories for agencies, brands and individuals which require submission of 2019 work with detailed evaluation criteria being considered.

Entries are rigorously evaluated according to well defined scoring criteria by a group of jurors and must have be ideated or executed by a Kenyan corporate/ individual or Kenyan agency.

Entries have to be engaging and encourage dialogue with audience, raising the profile and awareness of the product/ service/organization.

Entries need to be creative, original, distinctive and innovative. It should be an original creative concept having aesthetic appeal.

The jurors consist of leading digital marketing and technology practitioners who understand the Kenyan market from a contextually relevant perspective.

2020 Awardees

Brand / Agency Awards

AgencyBrand / CampaignPosition
SQUAD AFRICASafaricomWinner
Dentsu Aegis NetworkKenchic1st Runner Up
Dentsu Aegis NetworkKoko Fuel2nd Runner Up
AgencyBrand / CampaignPosition
SQUAD AFRICASafaricom – Eliud #159Winner
SQUAD AFRICASafaricom – Humum1st Runner Up
Dentsu Aegis NetworkOaks and Corks2nd Runner Up
AgencyBrand / CampaignPosition
Zilojo LimitedGuinness SmoothWinner
Belva Digital LimitedLancome – New Fragrance1st Runner Up

Technology Awards

AgencyBrand / CampaignPosition
Belva Digital LimitedAshitiva Advocates1st Runner Up
AgencyBrand / CampaignPosition
Dragonfly EAUjuzi MtaaniWinner
Zilojo LimitedCo-op Bank – Vehicle Auction1st Runner Up
AgencyBrand / CampaignPosition
SQUAD AFRICAMy Safaricom App1st Runner Up
Belva Digital LimitedPesa Bazaar2nd Runner Up

Content Awards

AgencyBrand / CampaignPosition
SQUAD AFRICAEJAF – Chukua SelfieWinner
SQUAD AFRICAKCB – 2jiajiri1st Runner Up
AgencyBrand / CampaignPosition
SQUAD AFRICAEJAF – Chukua SeflieWinner
Dentsu Aegis NetworkKenchic – Breasts for Breasts1st Runner Up
Dragonfly EAUnga Wa Dola – Ujuzi Mtaani2nd Runner Up
AgencyBrand / CampaignPosition
Dentsu Aegis NetworkKoko Fuel -360 degreesWinner
Dentsu Aegis NetworkKoko Fuel – Cooking for the last supper1st Runner Up
Dentsu Aegis NetworkSafaricom – Masoko2nd Runner Up

New Technology Awards

Publishers Awards

AgencyBrand / CampaignPosition
One Touch Interactive LtdOne Touch Interactive LimitedWinner


AgencyBrand / CampaignPosition
SQUAD AFRICASafaricom – ZuriWinner
SQUAD AFRICAEJAF Chukua Selfie1st Runner Up
Dentsu Aegis NetworkCadburys – Generosity Meter2nd Runner Up


AgencyBrand / CampaignPosition
Nendo LtdNendoWinner
BRCKBRCK – Moja1st Runner Up

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